A Church that is family,

and a family of Churches

When you hear the word, Church, what do you think of?

For some, no doubt, Church has many negative associations of oppression, bad personal experiences, hypocrisy, bigotry, or irrelevance.

At Grace Reformed Church, however, we seek to cultivate a Biblical vision of the Church, and that means beginning with Christ.

Christ alone is the head of the Church, since Christ paid for her with His own precious blood (Acts 20:28; Ephesians 1:22). No man can claim this title. No Word but God’s Word can lay claim to our lives.

The Church, ruled by Christ, is His body. We are members together of Christ and of one another (1 Corinthians 12:12-21). This is highly significant for the way we treat one another. If we despise a member of Christ’s body, we despise Christ Himself (1 John 3:20). He who abides in self-sacrificial love to his or her brothers and sisters abides in God’s love (1 John 3:16).

The Church is the sphere of salvation and reconciliation (Ephesians 2:11-22). The Church is where the Word is preached, where the sacraments are administered, where gifts of the Spirit are used, where sinners are saved, where saints are built up, where the wayward are challenged, where the doubting are strengthened, where the suffering are comforted. Where else does this happen but in Christ's Church? She is the one who brings all manner of persons together in unity and love towards one another only in and because of the one sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The United Nations has nothing on the Church of Jesus Christ.

The Church is God’s new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Everything that is true of the worldwide future New Creation is true of the present localized Church now. The Church is the place of regeneration, resurrection, reconciliation, and worship of God, the very things that will forever characterize the Church when Christ returns. The Church is that peculiar people who pray, “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). She seeks to adhere to Christ’s will here and now on earth.

The Church protests the commitment-phobia of modern, American Christians who refuse to join a local church and prefer an idealized vision of the Church that is full of “perfect people,” those who have their “lives in order.” or homogenized people who are “just like me.”

Rather, the Church is the family and household of God (1 Timothy 3:15; 5:1-2), saved by the one death and resurrection of Christ and joined together in Him. The Church is composed of sinners (yes, sinners, not perfect people) who were far from God but now have been drawn near to Him, who come from different backgrounds (economic, social, political, etc.) but now share together in the life of Christ and seek to share their life with one another. She is the physical, gritty, tangible manifestation of God’s grace in the world. As Christ said to us, so we say to one another: I give up my life for you.

The Church can say and do these words only because she is empowered by God and indwelt by Him as His temple (1 Corinthians 6:14-7:1), living in holy joy.

* * *

Just like every family has a structure that is to work for the well-being of the family, so the Church has been given leaders who are to serve God's people, not be lords over them. This is one big difference between what, on the one hand, everyone thinks about when they hear the words "power" and "authority" and, on the other hand, what Christ says is the true nature of authority. Authority in the world is paternalism, exploitation, and corrupting. Authority in the family of God is the opportunity to serve others in self-sacrificing humility, just as Christ served us (Matthew 20:25-28).

Because Grace Ref is a daughter church of Messiah's Reformed Fellowship (MeRF), Grace Ref is under the oversight of MeRF. Grace Ref is a member of the family of churches known as the United Reformed Churches of North America.

Our Staff

  • Rev. Sam Perez

    Pastor, Grace Reformed Church
    Sam is a native of Spanish Harlem, and was raised by Catholic immigrant parents who came to the Christian faith when Sam was a young boy. Sam came to own the Christian faith for himself in his late high school years. Sam worked as a school teacher in the south Bronx and Brooklyn before graduating from Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Sam lives in Jersey City with his wife and family, and has few dreams greater than to see all of Jersey City worshipping Jesus Christ as Lord and King over all of life.

  • Rev. Paul Murphy

    Pastor, Messiah's Reformed Fellowship
    A native New Yorker, Paul was raised in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood in the Bronx. At the age of 29 he was confronted with the claims of Jesus Christ.  Thinking them foolishness, he sought to refute Christianity with the teaching of secular philosophy.  The Lord broke down the barriers of his heart and captivated his life. Like the apostle Paul, this Paul can say “to live is Christ.”  Prior to spearheading the founding of Messiah’s Reformed Fellowship in 2003, Rev. Murphy pastored Dutton United Reformed Church in Dutton, Michigan, for 13 years. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and family.

  • Mr. Peter Contreras

    Elder, Messiah's Reformed Fellowship
    Peter was born and raised in Roman Catholic home, and came to know Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior early in his adult life. He counts it an unparalleled blessing to brought from death to life by the grace of Christ alone. He has a desire to see the Christ's church built up in the one true faith, and has started a number of discipleship initiatives at Messiah's. He lives in Westchester with his wife and family.

  • Mr. Ben HoyT

    Elder, Messiah's Reformed Fellowship

    A native of New Zealand, Ben came to know Jesus as a young child under the faithful and loving training of his Christian parents. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and family.

  • Mr. Sam Basile

    Deacon, Messiah's Reformed Fellowship
    Originally from Sicily, Sam came to know the saving grace of Christ in his adult years. Sam's heart of hospitality is drawn to meeting people and engaging them in their need. He helps with with various mercy ministry initiatives at Messiah's Reformed Fellowship. He lives in Kings County with his wife.

  • Mr. Kelvin Morales

    Deacon, Messiah's Reformed Fellowship
    By God’s grace, Kelvin was saved in his latter high school years from a pagan and nominal Catholic background, and came to a Reformed understanding shortly thereafter. He has a real desire to see the broken and spiritually wounded be made whole by the power of the Gospel. He lives in the Bronx.