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  • Why do I (need to) Love the Psalms

    July 26, 2018

    Updated: June 25, 2022

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    The Psalms give us the Spirit-inspired words and vocabulary to speak to God in whatever season of life we are in. They capture for us the rhythm, seasons, and struggles of the Christian faith (often times, psalms are tied to actual seasons of the year, too).
        Are you sad? Read the psalms and cry out to God. Are you happy? Read the psalms and sing a song of praise to God. Are you weighed down by your sin and guilt? Read the psalms and confess your sins to Christ to find forgiveness and hope. Are you thankful to God? Read the psalms and express your devotion to Him. Are you angry and frustrated? Read the psalms and pour out your complaint to Jesus. Are you hounded by mockers and haters of God and His Gospel? Read the psalms and find strength in God’s promised vindication. Are you afraid? Read the psalms and learn to depend on the unshakeable promise of God.
        Are you getting it? The movement of the Psalms takes us from where we are and drives us to the LORD. The Psalms do not tell us to get squeaky clean first, and then come to God. They tell us to come to God in the muck and mire of our lives to be re-made in Christ’s image, and to be given God’s perspective on life: the LORD reigns. This is the point of the book of Psalms which is finally reached in the grand finale, Psalms 146-150: see beyond your transient life to behold your great King, Jesus Christ (YHWH Himself), and fix your hopes and life and destiny on Him alone. Each psalm tells this same story in miniature. The entire book of Psalms tell this same glorious story in 150 chapters.