First Things First

THE WORD OF GOD is the foundation of all our teaching and preaching.  We cherish what God has said, since it is our ultimate and final authority for our faith and life. There is absolutely nothing more relevant for your life than the Old and New Testament.
     To value Scripture is to value the DOCTRINE taught by Scripture (doctrine is simply what the Bible teaches about God, man, Scripture, sin, the world, the Christian life, etc). Today, doctrine is often considered divisive, and downplayed or sidestepped. But doctrine is unavoidable. A church will either teach good doctrine (what accords with Scripture) or bad doctrine (what contradicts Scripture). In fact, far from being divisive or sectarian, good doctrine is the health and unity of the church. The Church’s true unity is founded upon the truth of Christ’s Word, and “contending for the faith once delivered to all the saints."
     Throughout her history, the Church has had the blessing and responsibility of summarizing her faith in written forms. These faithful formulations (called creeds and confessions) are the Church’s confession of her faith.  These formulations are not inspired by God nor possess the same authority as God’s Word. Yet, they are to be highly regarded as the church’s faithful, visible, and public confession of her faith. Rather than re-invent the wheel of Scripture’s teaching, the Church is called to hold fast to Scripture and her confession.
     At Grace Reformed Church, we confess the Ecumenical Creeds which have defined Christian churches around the world since the time of Christ. We also confess the Three Forms of Unity which have defined Protestant churches for the last 450 years, or since the time of the Protestant Reformation.

To download a copy the Creeds and Confessions of the Church, click HERE.