Our Community Friends

Over the past years, we have partnered with the follow organizations, and commend their work to others.

  • The mission of Concepts of Truth International is to share God's truth about life around the world, providing counseling services, education in abortion recovery and prevention, and striving to articulate a Biblical sexual ethic.

  • Goodwill Rescue Mission ministers to those suffering in the hopeless cycle of poverty, homelessness and dependencies in Newark, NJ, with the transforming grace and power of Jesus Christ. GRM does not seek or accept city reimbursement or government funding that would compromise the Bible-based foundation of our ministry. GRM’s compassionate care enables the poor, homeless, and addicted of Newark to encounter Christ in spiritually rich and vocationally focused program of sustainable comprehensive life transformation.

  • First Choice Women’s Resource Centers strive to protect the unborn by empowering women, and they do this with gentleness and respect, seeking to share Christ’s love and grace with every woman we serve.

  • The Open Door of NJ & NY helps immigrants to reach their full, God-given potential by equipping them with the skills they need to successfully integrate, participate, and contribute to the well being of our society. Recognizing that the language barrier is a great risk factor for poverty and its effects, The Open Door offers weekly ESL, computer, and GED prep classes.  As a consequence of The Open Door’s service to 450 students each year, individuals find hope, families are strengthened, and communities are transformed.

  • Reformed Mission Services is a vibrant ministry that supports member churches and their missionaries to envision, plan, and carry out effective and meaningful education, resource management, construction, and infrastructure and disaster relief projects worldwide. RMS seeks to help Reformed churches fulfill their call to make disciples in all the world acting under the authority and oversight of local Reformed and Confessional congregations.

  • New City Kid’s mission is “Loving kids for change to create a community of academic, leadership, musical, and spiritual development.” NCK walks with a child from first grade through college and beyond. At New City Kids, 100% of their Teen Life Interns have entered college in the past eight years and 90% of them have finished, or are on their way to finishing, college. This is no small accomplishment in Jersey City, where 33% of local teens drop out of high school and 51% do not attend college.

  • Reformed Youth Services is an organization committed to the spiritual and social nurturing of the youth of Reformed Churches that are found in the United States. RMS affirms a biblical worldview, emphasizing that young people live all of life to the honor and glory of God, and models a vibrant, relevant, joyous and challenging Christian faith that is inspiring and relevant. Through its retreats, conferences, conventions, and lesson material, RYS encourages, edifies, and equips young Christians so they can grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.