The World We Made

(and what to do about it)

Semper Reformanda Conference 2018
Classis Eastern U.S. (URCNA)

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Where:        Hudson Valley United Reformed Church
                    1043 County Rd 12, New Hampton, NY 10958 (click here for map)

When:         Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 2:00-8:30pm

Who:            All are welcomed. Conference is free!

Speaker:     Rev. Tim Bayly has served Clearnote Church (Bloomington, IN) since 1996. His M.Div. is from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and he was ordained in 1983 by John Knox Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA). With his church (near Friesland, WI), Bayly transferred into the Presbyterian Church in America where he served until 2010. (He and his congregation are now in Clearnote Fellowship.) Bayly is the author of Daddy Tried (2016) and co-author of The Grace of Shame (2017) He writes and podcasts at Warhorn Media. Married to Mary Lee since 1976, the Baylys have five children and twenty-five grandchildren.

  • The World We Made: From the garden to transgender bathrooms (2-3:15 pm)

    It’s cliché to say we live in a broken world. After a few centuries of relative peace and prosperity in the western world, modern culture is falling to pieces, and most everybody knows it. But why? What happened? What changed and why? Who is responsible?

  • What We Lost: Fatherhood in a fallen world (3:40-5 pm)

    God is the Father from whom all Fatherhood gets its name. He has written his fatherhood into the world in such a way that we cannot escape it. The authority of God rests in our earthly fathers, be they dads in homes, bosses at work, leaders in government, or pastors in the church. How can every man, whatever his station in life, begin to embrace the fatherhood that God built into him and into the world? And what about women? Well, what about them?

  • What We Found: The effeminate world (7:15-8:30 pm)

    As our culture has abandoned the authority of God, men have abandoned the responsibility of working hard, serving the church, and loving their wives and children. The Bible has a word for this: effeminacy. And it calls it a sin. Effeminacy is evident absolutely everywhere in the world today. Everywhere. Even (and sometimes especially) in those who hold to a “biblical” view of sex and church-life. Where do we go from here?